Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two Days Till Othermoon!

As I write, it's two days, eleven hours and *mumble mumble* minutes and seconds till OTHERMOON's launch date!

Winston Churchill knows what I'm talking about.

Oh yes, I'm shameless, using historical figures to countdown the days till my book is out. Check it out.

Okay, so that's a peace sign. And Churchill is flashing the V for Victory sign. But you need two fingers to make those signs, right?

On a serious note - I love and admire John Lennon. (Churchill's cool and all, but does not inspire the same feeling of lurve, luff, love. you get the idea.)

Because all you need is love.

But I digress.  Here's how the number 2 came to look the way it does:

It's an important number for many reasons - not just because it's two days till OTHERMOON. Sometimes it's really better to have two of something.

When you find just one of these, it's really annoying.

You need two people to make more people. Heck, you need two of any kind of mammal to make more. Without two you don't get the concept of dualism (good vs. evil), or the Hegelian dialectic (you can't have any kind of dialogue at all without at least two!) It's the atomic number of helium, the first even number, and DNA is made from a double helix.

In China, they say "good things come in twos." Plus, there's this:

So happy Two Days Before Othermoon Day! Think I can get it made into an official holiday?

Oh wait, it's Saturday.


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