Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crazy Life, Peaceful Life

I got back from spending a peaceful July 4 in Hawaii to madness! The fun sort of madness that is my life.

Before I Hawaii I had a karaoke birthday party (for me) and much drunken singing, presents and cards and good wishes from friends took over a weekend. I actually got up and sang - twice. The first time, seriously, I must've sucked. I couldn't hear myself at all, so we all know what that means. The great thing about karaoke is that you're pretty much guaranteed that someone out there is worse than you are.

Then off to stay with my parents (a few nights with Mom, a few with Dad) in Hawaii. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful Hawaii is? Too bad it's so dang hard to make a living there. And my busy, social, fun life in LA reminds me that I'm lucky to live there. But still - even with the beach covered with stinging portuguese men-of war (blue bubbles of death! Well, not death literally, but it hurts like hell if they sting you) at Bellows (best beach ever!) it was paradise.

My Dad snoozed under the ironwood trees, hat over his face. A sunburned haole guy talked to a tow-truck driver as they dug his SUV out of the powdery white sand. A woman in a flowered one-piece threw sticks for her black lab to chase while her two little girls ran around digging men-o-war out of the sand and throwing them in a bright red plastic bucket. The sun beat down, but a soft breeze ruffled the waves. A continuous roar/hiss of the turqoise ocean pulsated pleasantly. Peace. Bliss.

The next day - malasadas! (Slightly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside Portuguese donuts deep fried and rolled in sugar. Seriously ono. That's Hawaiian for delicious.)

After a few days of this - back to LA. A quick clean up of my apartment, large hellos to the cats, and then a delightful visitor (one of my oldest and best friends). Then - another crazy weekend! Wine on a good friend's patio in the candlelight on a warm summer night, trading jokes and confidences with a group of close buddies. Brunch with more friends the next day, a movie with another huge group of friends (the new Harry Potter, which was pretty good). Then work the next day.


What is it about summer that brings out the need to convene and confide? The heat brings out sweat and the urge to reveal oneself, to hang with your community, to sip wine, listen to the crickets chirp, and ponder the meaning of life. And then to crack a rude joke and laugh like a hyena.

Crazy life, rich life!