Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hurray for RWA, Part 2. Or How I Danced the Night Away

Before I launch into days 2 and 3 of RWA, wanted to let you know that Live to Read is holding a mind-bogglingly huge 150+ book giveaway as we speak. I'm giving away copies of OTHERKIN and OTHERMOON here. But be sure to check out all the giveaways. Nothing better than free books!

Live to Read
My first real day at RWA, Thursday (read about it here) was fabulous and exhausting. So I must admit that Friday morning, rather than getting up brightly to attend one of the many informative workshops, I slept in. I'm not a morning person at the best of times, and the travel + lack of sleep before + late night cocktail parties was a recipe for snoozing. My roommate, Elisa Nader, worked quietly on her laptop while I (gently, I swear) snored.

More awake memories after the break.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Photo from the RWA Kensington Party

Photo by Edward Zelster Photography.

In which I look only mildly tired and weird, compared to some of the others, and in which everyone else looks fabulous!

From left to right - the hilarious Lindsey Brookes, me, Janice Lynn, Marni Bates, and Elisa Nader.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hurray for RWA! Or, How I Had a Blast in Atlanta.

Last year I spent a few hours at the Romance Writers of America convention in Anaheim, attending the Kensington cocktail party so I could meet and dine with my fabulous editor, Alicia Condon, and get to know a few of my fellow writers.

It was wonderful, but I couldn't spend more time than that because I had to arrange my big ol' book launch party that week for my first novel, OTHERKIN.

So this year I went all in, bought a ticket to Atlanta, wangled my way onto a panel, got my critique partner Elisa Nader to join me, and attended the whole dang thing.

And damn, it was FUN! (details and photos after the break.)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dez Makes It to the Semi-Finals! And... Off to RWA!

THANK YOU, folks for voting for Dez in the Paranormal Cravings Character Battle 2013. Because you all rock so hard, she came in sixth, which means she made it to the semi-finals!

You can go here to vote for her (or anyone else!) in the semis.

Me, I'm getting on a plane to Atlanta today so I can participate in the riotous fun that is RWA - Romance Writers of America's main convention.

I stopped in for a cocktail party only last year, since it was nearby in Anaheim, and it was full of amazing writers all having a FABULOUS time. You really haven't partied until you party with romance writers.

I'll report in more detail after the convention. Meanwhile, if you're going I'm going to be on a panel tomorrow, and at the Kensington book signing on Saturday. Here's the info:

50 SHADES OF YA - Panel
Me, Jennifer Estep, Marni Bates, Erica O'Rourke and Alicia Condon (our amazing editor) all discussing the heat and how far it should go in books for teens.
July 18, 8:30am (! Get me some coffee, stat!) to 9:30am
Atlanta Marriott, Room M301, M302

Saturday, July 20 - 9am - 10:30am
Atlanta Marriott

Say hi if you're going! If not, have a great rest of your week!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vote for Dez in the Character Battle Quarter Finals!

Thanks to you guys, Dez made it to the quarter-finals of the epic Character Battle going on over at the Paranormal Cravings blog.

She ranked 8th! So now the top 16 are battling it out. She's up against some very popular, very tough characters, so I need your help to get her into the Semi-Finals, where the top 8 of the Quarter battle will fight each other.

So, between now and July 16, go here and click "Go to the Quarter Finals," find Desdemona Grey and VOTE. (For her, naturally. And for any other characters you love.) Large tiger hugs and smooches shall be yours!

Only one vote per IP address allowed.

Only July 17, the Semi-Finals begin. If she makes it that far (fingers crossed) I may need to call upon you again, my friends.

Till then - stay stealthy and stripey!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Cover Reveal: OTHERSPHERE!

You may have seen it yesterday on The Reading Cafe, but just in case you haven't - here's the cover for my third book, the big finale in the OTHERKIN series, OTHERSPHERE.

Woo hoo!

It's Dez in all her glory, on her way to a new world...

What will she find there? And will she ever return?

Love her outfit and the magical feel of the world around her! And can I just say how happy I am that she's dressed properly for magical world exploration? No foofy dresses when you're crossing the veil into Othersphere, my friends! No long capes or high heels or tiaras, thank you very much. Dez looks ready to explore.

I'm sure her jacket is just "offscreen" to her right, along with her backpack...

I'd like to thank the good folks at Kensington for all the fabulous work they've done on the covers for this series. I'm so delighted at their choice of model, the colors, the mood, the font...

Hurray! Less than six months till the book is out!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Paranormal Character Battle 2013!

The fabulous website Paranormal Cravings is having a character battle all July long.
If you love paranormal novels, hie thee to their site! (Clickenzee on the banner below to get there too!)
Paranormal Cravings BATTLE

Did I nominate my own character? You mean my character who can shift into an enormous tiger with unearthly strength, speed, and senses?

My character who can destroy technology with a thought? What do you think?

There are some kick-ass characters nominated - archangels and demons, vampires and even other shifters. Will Dez win the ultimate battle? Well, she's still young, so I'm not holding my breath. She hasn't stepped into the arena yet. We'll see what happens when she does... I'll try to let you know when she shows up!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Birthday to us all

Yesterday was my birthday, and today is my father's birthday. I was born just four hours before his birthday, so we often celebrate at the same time. Now we're separated by thousands of miles, but still we are in birthday sync.Cancerians, Moon Children, a bit loony and moody but loyal and true.

And since it's officially halfway through the year 2013, I wish us all a happy half-year day, a general "phew,  we made it this far" party for all of us everywhere. It isn't the day you're born that matters so much after you've made it out safely, it's the people you come across every day thereafter, and the little things you do, the small actions out there in the world that change it for everyone.

Happy Birthday, World. Remember how magnificent you are, and remember to try and keep steering us all toward further beauty and happiness at every opportunity.