Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Kirkus Review of Othermoon is In!

...and it's awesome.

I can't reprint the whole thing for you (legal reasons), but I can give you the "pull quote" here. If you're a member of the Kirkus site, you can read the full review here.

“Plenty to enjoy in the action-packed sequel… Fans of the series and new readers alike will find themselves anxiously turning pages… On the surface, this appears to be a novel meant to satisfy ravenous paranormal-fantasy fans looking for an exciting read with a hearty order of romance on the side. While it certainly fills the bill, there’s depth here that shouldn’t be overlooked. Dez wrestles with real-life issues about identity and belonging, about trust and loyalty, and about friendship and love that will resonate with teen readers across genres.” – Kirkus Reviews
 Woo hoo!

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