Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Day Till Othermoon is released!

My shameless countdown to the launch of OTHERMOON continues! As I type this, the counter says one day, eight hours and *mumblety mumblety* minutes till it's out! That's midnight Pacific time, of course.

On the day the book comes out, I will post about a fabulous giveaway! So stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about the number one. Roar it out loud - ONE!

Is it indeed the loneliest number?

As Three Dog Night says, two can also be pretty damned lonely, depending on how the two of you are getting along at the moment.

(Also - how awesome is Three Dog Night? My favorite song when I was a kid was their "Joy to the World," which continues to be amazing:

I thought of it as the bullfrog song, naturally.)

One is the last whole number before you get to zero, after all. It's sort of standing out there by itself, a bullwark against nothingness.

But in a countdown, it can be a pretty aweseome number, because next comes the thing you're anticipating. Here's Apollo 11's countdown and take off, which lead to men landing on the moon, which is about as cool a thing as has ever happened EVER:

The rocket itself is like a big number one. Or a finger pointing at the sky, as if to say "That's where I'm headed, guys. Stand back!"

It's also a very simple number, mathmatically, which makes me happy as a non-mathy sort of person. Anything you multiply it by stays the same, and it's super easy to add and subtract, thank you very much. It's evolution as a numeral isn't particularly complex:

For fans of a certain boy band, one is something they think of as primarily part of that band's name.

(For those of you over the age of 17 or without kids, that's One Direction.)

One indicates a certain wholeness, a lack of division, a unity.  Are we one?

On a good day, I think we are.

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