Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bellissima Italia

I just got back from Italy.

Lucky me!

I didn't advertise it in advance since they say not to announce to the internet at large when you venture away from home, for fear enterprising robbers will break into your apartment and steal your cats.

Can't be having that. 

I'll post some pics once I get myself together and report in more detail, but some highlights include:
  • Bernini statues at the Galleria Borghese. Oh! That Apollo and Daphne statue just gives me chills.
  • Comparing gelato at Giolitti and San Crispino. For me, it's a fabulous tie.
  • Literal layers of history at San Clemente, where you can see a medieval church above a 4th century church above an ancient Roman street and house.
  • Meeting old friends with their adorable new baby in Rome. Walking behind the baby was like being in a celebrity entourage. That golden haired cherub really turned heads.
  • Walking the strangely modern-seeming streets of old Pompeii.
  • Men who appreciate a tall redhead, at least when she's walking by.
  • Wine w/dinner, then some more wine with dinner.
  • Ridiculously fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables
  • Carbonara, prosciutto, bolognese, amatriciana, you name it!
  • Positano. We splurged on an amazing hotel room with a great view that was 100% worth it. I could totally live there.
  • Friendly Italian cats and dogs.
  • Italian tile and pottery. I don't need to be rich, but this gorgeous stuff makes me wish I could afford it.
  • Bonding with old friend and travel co-conspirator, Wendy.