Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let the OTHERMOON Countdown Begin!

Holy moly, the second book in the OTHERKIN series - OTHERMOON - will be out next fricking Tuesday! That's four days and mumble mumble minutes!

To keep me from going insane until then, here are some of the reviews it's been getting. And hell yes I put it large font! Wouldn't you?

“Berry’s second Otherkin novel is suspenseful and action packed. Dez is a strong, smart protagonist whom readers will root for, as she tries to stay true to herself. There are layers of deeper meaning here, hidden amidst an entertaining shapeshifter YA. ” – RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars
 The full review from RT will be out in their March issue.
“Plenty to enjoy in the action-packed sequel… Fans of the series and new readers alike will find themselves anxiously turning pages… On the surface, this appears to be a novel meant to satisfy ravenous paranormal-fantasy fans looking for an exciting read with a hearty order of romance on the side. While it certainly fills the bill, there’s depth here that shouldn’t be overlooked. Dez wrestles with real-life issues about identity and belonging, about trust and loyalty, and about friendship and love that will resonate with teen readers across genres.” – Kirkus Reviews 
The full Kirkus review is great and you can see it here.
 School Library Journal got around to reviewing OTHERKIN, and I'm so glad they did! Their full review will be out in their 2/2013 issue.
 Readers will be swept away by the romance and paranormal elements of this debut tale..” – School Library Journal  
Thanks for putting up with me blabbing about my good reviews. I'm girding my loins, battening down the hatches, and peeling eggs (don't ask) in preparation!

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