Monday, January 28, 2013

OTHERMOON is Out Tomorrow!


Because my second book, OTHERMOON will be out tomorrow.  I think my head's going to explode - and emit a shower of champagne. Or gumballs. Or, ya know, brains and blood. Depending.

To celebrate, tomorrow I will be posting a giveaway of the book. Multiple copies will be launched into the readersphere to beguile or bewilder you.

Meanwhile, here's a very nice review of the first book, OTHERKIN, from City of Books. Huzzah!

And here's a poster for the Authors After Dark YA Day, which I'll be attending in Savannah, Georgia in August. Should be a blast!  Fellow author and my critique partner Elisa Nader (her book will be out this summer and you must read it!) had kindly volunteered to be my date at this event.  More huzzahs!

Okay, back to work. Currently researching tabloids for super secret project and found this juicy front page - most apropos. And I don't mean the fascinating sounding article about Howard Stern's face appearing with Satan in volcano smoke...

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