Monday, May 25, 2009

So the proofing is done and I can relax a bit before plunging into the next project (which will probably be a TV spec script of a currently popular show, although my second YA novel manuscript calls to me longingly). Research for the spec script involves watching eps of the TV show on my Tivo and making notes. Rough life, ey?

But before that, I had to go hang out with my friends, have a beer, watch the kids soak each other with large water guns, and eat Pam's delicious grilled pizza. Along the way I got great news - my friend Harry Connolly's new sci fi novel will be out in September. A mutual friend has read an advance copy and sang its praises to the heavens. It is the first part of a trilogy, and I can't wait to read it.

Another friend is busy finishing up the treatment for a horror film for the SyFy channel. He's gotten great feedback from the network and is happily fleshing out his outline and clarifying the story points. Fingers crossed they love the script and that we're all soon watching it on a bigscreen TV soon.

Add in my homemade quacamole (food processor broke, but squeezing the limes canceled out the garlic smell lingering on my hands), fudgie oatmeal bars by esteemed baker Brian, Pam's delicious grilled pizzas, and a clear night in Burbank with nearly everyone up and hula-hooping, and you've got the recipe for an inspirational good time.

And a nod to the men and women of our armed services on this Memorial Day, whose courage in serving out country through the years through desert, mud, jungle, and sea provide further inspiration. It's everywhere if you look hard enough.

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