Friday, May 01, 2009

Nerds Rule! (Friday Fun Post)

Just read this excellent post on the Best and Worst Things about Dating Nerds.

As a nerd myself, I must agree with the posters complaints and compliments. I have also dated my share of nerds, and even a few hot guy/nerd combos. (Yes hot guys with hot rods and black leather jackets can also secretly collect action figures. The world is a complex place.)

Nerds are fun. I speak as one, so I am biased. But they tend to be creative, thoughtful types, and playfulness is connected to both those things. Writers tend to be a bit nerdy, even the seemingly hot ones. I heart Neil Gaiman, but underneath that leather jacket and behind those big brown eyes is the soul of a comic book geek. And guess what? That just makes him hotter! Do not underestimate the nerd. We're writing your favorite stories, fixing your computers, having crazy sex, and checking out the latest price of that removeable mask mego Robin action figure on Ebay all at once.


jane said...

Yay for Geek Love! Although, I can do without the man-child. :)

Saw this and thought of your post -

Leave it to nerds to conduct a study to prove how studly they are!

Nina Berry said...

Great link! yet another way geeks rule.