Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Excellent Waste of Time

Was mooching around YA Author Eileen Cook's blog like the passive aggressive lurker that I am, and saw her recommendation of this site as a top-notch time waster. I checked it out and agreed so wholeheartedly, I'm passing it on to the eight people who occasionally waste time on this site!

It's called Passive Aggressive Notes. And it will remind you of all the wonderfully horrible things people do, and the hilarious notes we leave to tell them to just stop it already. I copied one, which you can see above, but that's just the beginning of the panty-raid story! Also, take note of the misspelled "steeling" with the second "e" changed to an "a" post printing. At least we know the panties aren't made of steel. Imagine the chafing!

Side note: is there a sillier word in English that "panties"? If you can think of one, post it in the comments.


A said...

The British use the word "knickers."

elisa nader said...

i hate the word panties, and always have. i refuse to say it and call them 'underwear.'

other words i hate:

Nina Berry said...

Ew - Elisa, you are so right about Pad and lotion! Ew ew ew!

Must admit I kind of like "trickle" because it reminds me of "tickle."

"Moist" is just - ick!

And "knickers" is ten times better than "panties."