Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell to the Old Year(s)

Today, the last day of 2011, I look back on the past and appreciate what was, in order to look forward to what will be in 2012.

That's me and Dad at Bellows when I was nine, the year I learned to bodysurf.

How lucky I am to have gone to such a place even once. But I spent that whole summer there, and I go back every year.

2011 was a real rollercoaster. I got an amazing agent, who then sold my book in a two-book deal to an editor I love. After years of effort, I finally achieved something I've always wanted.

But there were big losses and stresses too.  I'm not going to dwell on them, but let's just say 2011 was a real rollercoaster.

How grateful I am to be on the ride in the first place.

I hope you can reflect back on 2011 with gratitude and compassion for yourself an others.  And here's to a new year full of new adventures, old friends, discoveries, and laughs.


TD's Ramblings said...

Hey Nina, This is Tom Davis, an old friend of your Dad's. He mentioned that you had a book coming on next year so I googled you, found your blog and picture I sent him this morning. How nice to see you doing well. I am in Darien, CT, at the moment, with my daughter Beth and her family. You two were the same age. I started a blog a year ago, mostly about my day, but with pictures of my kids and grandchildren if you are interested. Take care and have a happy year. Tom Davis

Nina Berry said...

Tom! How nice to hear from you! I should've credited you on my blog for the amazing photo. I'll go back and add that. Thanks so much for sending it - it really brings back so many wonderful memories.

So glad to hear you and your family are flourishing. I'll check out the stuff on your blog for sure. Good for you for having it! All the best to you and your family. Happy 2012!