Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Don't Buy Me These Things for Christmas...

...but I do love them.

Herewith a random list of things I've spotted during the holiday season that I might, in another life, want for myself. BUT DON'T BUY THEM FOR ME.  I mean it. Many of them are way too expensive. Others I just don't have room or time for.

But they are pretty cool....

For example. The only way you should ever have an animal head on your wall:

Savannah Story Bust from anthropologie. Also available in rhino, gazelle, giraffe, and elephant.

My cat doesn't particularly like to be up high. She's weird like that, but if she did, I'd get her:

The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf from therefinedfeline.com.

Not to mention the world's most attractive cat tree:

The Lotus Cat Tower. From the same store.

Again, I don't have room for this, but if I did I'd be sorely tempted. It's a gorgeous poster of a painting of one of the all time great race horses, whom you all probably know I've seen race in person:

Available in Zenyatta's own online shop.  Those Zenyatta Way Street Signs are also tempting. But I have enough Zenyatta stuff up already.

My next selection is so ridiculous that it's almost awesome. A slanket covered with... skulls!

It's a reversed blanket that will keep you cozy while you sit like a lump, but hey, it's got skulls on it, so it's BAD ASS, right? Wear this and you are one BAD ASS couch potato, bay-bee! Available at Thinkgeek.com here.

I will never be able to justify buying this, given the expense. But oooh, yum:

 Laphroaig's 21-year-old single malt scotch.  Finally, a whisky old enough to drink.

You should never buy a pet as a surprise gift for anyone. And you should always adopt your pet from a shelter or rescue organization.  That said, since this is a fantasy post about gifts NOT to get me...

I ran into a gorgeous, sweetheart of a Newfoundland at the pet store the other day, and she won my heart. I've always loved bigger dogs, and this one was all huge webbed paws and "rub my belly please."  Newfies are smart, family friendly, and protective without being scary.  I'd never get a pet from a breeder since there are so many rescues out there.  But I do love me a big sweet dog.  German Shephards and other shephard breeds are also very high on my favorite list. But I haven't met a dog I didn't like.

Not sure how often I'd wear this, but it sure is lovely.

The Egyptian Lotus Necklace from the Met Museum Store. They have plenty of less expensive and still quite lovely things there, if you know someone who's a history/archaeology buff like me.

I'm not the type to ever own a bar or restaurant. But over the weekend I attended an event here:

The Wellsbourne on Pico in West Los Angeles. All old dark wood, shelves with books, shiny bar, and big comfy booths. I had a Pimm's Cup there (the cocktails are all old fashioned) which was delicious, and the tab came to me inside a hollowed out book. So if I ever were to own a bar, it'd be a place like this.

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