Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello, New Year!

So in 2012, the idea is to:

1. Finish Book 2.

3. Try something new that scares me.

2. Do things in an unexpected fashion at times.

4. Finish short story for fabulous upcoming secret anthology!

6. Maybe visit friends currently living in Kyiv (Kiev) in Ukraine. (Along with day trip to Chernobyl!)

5. Rewrite pilot script until it's fabulous.

7. If I'm lucky, start and finish Book 3.

9. Bodysurf (This one happens every year, and lucky me.)

8. Read some wonderful books.

10. Publicize Otherkin as best I can with all the tools at my disposal.

11. Yes, I know the numbers are out of order. Please see #2 for the reason.

12. A couple of very personal wishes, which will not be expressed here, but rather will reside deep inside my gray matter.

I'm adverse to resolutions. But goals are good. They help you get to the place you're hoping for. That, and luck, and help from other wonderful people, and lots of hard work.

What are your ideas for 2012?

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