Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Easy Way to Help Save the Tiger

The main character in my book, Otherkin, is a teen girl who discovers she can shapeshift... into a tiger.


'Cause tigers are so damned cool.

(Plus it helped me address themes of environmentalism, body image... oh who cares? The main thing is that tigers are the awesomest animal ever!)

But in the wild, tigers are critically endangered, along with many other big cats. Which is why you see a link to a conservation organization called Panthera on this blog. They are doing a lot to help save big cats in the wild.

And now there's a petition from UK organization Tiger Time, asking the Chinese government to stop legal tiger farming in that country.  It's a critical step in helping wild tigers for many reasons - like the farms are used as a smokescreen for selling wild tiger skins and parts.

You can find out more and sign the petition in a super fast, easy interface here.

It could really make a difference.

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