Thursday, June 09, 2011

More Food For Thought on Blogging

A veddy interestink post by writer Kristen Lamb here about why you shouldn't blog just about writing if you're a writer.

The main reason? It limits your audience.

I've struggled along with what to blog about on this blog a bit. How focused on a topic should I be? How often to post?

So this sort of article from an expert is helpful.

1. Post three times a week. (Gulp.)

2. Write about stuff you like and that the general public likes. Throw promos for your book in there somewhere and make it feel organic, by gum.

Of course, I don't have a book to promote (yet!). And I do post about stuff I like - movies, Ancient Egypt, writing, travel. I haven't gotten up to three times a week. That's partly because I don't have anything to promote! Why bug people when you have little to offer?

Perhaps I shouldn't view my blog as "bugging" people, ey? Step #1.

One of the issues is that I work in an industry that makes things I love - TV and film. This is a good and lucky thing for me. But it means I can't really blog too freely about the product it produces. I can't rave about my fave TV shows too much or rant about ones that suck. I work with these people! That's not cool.

But I do love and can discuss things like: old movies, language, bodysurfing, travel, history, poetry, art, animals, RPGs, underdogs.

So I'll ponder how to make a blog identity out of some amalgalm of that.

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