Thursday, May 15, 2008

(Singing) Rewriiiiiiiite!

So I'm taking this fabulous online course to help me with my novel writing. It provides incentive with deadlines, a supportive chat weekly, and feedback from a published author and your fellow students. It's one of the courses from MediaBistro, and I recommend them highly.

But it's work, man. My teacher gave me feedback that made complete sense and will make my book a lot better. BUT - it involved a lot of rewriting. It STILL involves a lot of rewriting. I feel like I'm going to be rewriting and then writing and rewriting some more until osteoporosis overtakes me, and I can't type from the arthritis.

The good news is that the course is aimed at helping you to actually finish your book. And the rewrite I'm doing is streamlining my novel, making it shorter, sleeker, and (hopefully) better. So that should mean less overall writing to do, right?

Most of my energy is focused on churning out the pages right now, so I won't be posting quite as often. But I'll check back in soon!

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