Thursday, May 29, 2008

Musical Inspiration

I finally made a playlist of songs to get in the writing mood for my current project. I've been hearing about this technique from other writers for awhile now. Find music that puts you in mind of your project and play, rinse, repeat until the project is done.

So far it sort of works. I used songs I already own, downloaded them onto my laptop, then onto a cd for my car and my Ipod for when I got out running. My protagonist is female, so there are a lot of songs by and about women that are vaguely linked to her in my mind. I also keep in mind the setting, the vibe, the overall theme and plot, and any song that lends itself to them in my mind gets thrown on there.

Here are a few of the songs:

Hollywood Bitch by Stone Temple Pilots
I Fought the Law as performed by The Clash
Can't Change Me by Chris Cornell
Don't Wanna Know by The Donnas
The Long Way Round by The Dixie Chicks
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

I recommend making your own playlist if you've got access to ITunes and a need for inspiration.

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