Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Cool Thing This Week

I got an email today asking permission to maybe use one of my photos in a free guide to the city of York. How cool is that? The guides are from Schmap. I've already bookmarked them to use for my own travel reference in the future.

The photo is below. I'll find out soon if it actually gets picked to be in the guide. It's of the Mickelgate in York, England, one of the medieval entrances to the city. They used to put heads on the spikes of this gate to warn all who entered to behave themselves. That's my travel pal, Wendy, grinning under the streetlight. We had a great time!

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paul said...

Congratulations on the publication of your photo. Wendy and that car aside, it reeks of history. The stop light signaling a left turn dates to the 15th century when arrows were verbs.

Roughly two weeks until my daughter arrives in paradise. Next they'll publish one of those photos of Bellows beach.
Photographic love.