Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Why Being a Writer is Insane, Reason #253

..because my fourth book, THE NOTORIOUS PAGAN JONES is already up on Goodreads (with an abbreviated title - but still!)

All this even as:

1. I'm still writing THE NOTORIOUS PAGAN JONES. In fact, it's due in two weeks!

2. My third book OTHERSPHERE (third in the OTHERKIN series) isn't out until December 31, this year and;

3. I'm still promoting my second book, OTHERMOON, which came out last January.

4. I'm super busy also working in TV.

5. The dust bunnies are piling up around my couch.

6. All the new fall TV shows are filling up my dvr.

7. My friends wonder whether I'm on the lam with my new outlaw boyfriend (sssh!)

or am pinned under some fallen furniture, unable to reach the phone.

8. The Story of Film: An Odyssey is on Turner Classic Movies along with the best movies ever made. (I'm a film school grad and an avid movie fan.) So much fabulousness to watch.

It's making me want to do nothing but watch great films. You all should watch it! Here's a clip from "Twentieth Century," an insanely fast screwball comedy starring great stage actor John Barrymore and the fastest thinking/talking actress ever to grace the screen, Carole Lombard. The director, Howard Hawks, said Lombard was so fast that she'd shoot her lines out and stun both him and Barrymore with her speed and timing, i.e., she rocks.


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