Monday, October 14, 2013

Catching Up, Sleepily

So... I turned my fourth (!) book into my editor last night. It's the first in my new series with Harlequin Teen, titled THE NOTORIOUS PAGAN JONES. And I love it  and it's going to be awesome. But as is the way after you've been feverishly been working on something for months on end - I'm happy to say goodbye to it for a little while. As I tweeted, I should be partying, but really, I just want to sleep. By the time my editor sends me her notes, I'll be rested and refreshed and ready to tackle the rewrite.

Enough "r" words in that last sentence for ya?

Meanwhile, it's October! The month of scary things like monsters, or what we think of as monsters.

Maybe they're just misunderstood, right?

Or maybe they're truly evil...

No no, I love Lady Gaga. TRULY EVIL, I said.

Aw, now that's just cute. I give up. Nobody's pure evil. Except maybe me if my blood sugar is low.

ANYWAY - I've got two posts coming up at the end of this week on blogs featuring shifters and other paranormal creatures in order to celebrate Halloween.  Hurrah!

On October 18, you'll see a post on the fabulous Paranormal Cravings blog all about me and my books for their exciting Shifters and Weres event.

You should visit every day this month because they're giving away over a hundred awesome books, including mine!

Then, on October 20, I'll be waltzing over to do an interview at the YA Aholic blog for their Paranormal Ball!

I will also be giving away my books! And yes, you're invited. Come on in. It's perfectly safe, I assure you...

 And of course I'll blog/nudge the day before and day of to get you there.

And shortly I'll repost my own Otherkin Halloween post - Trick or Treating with the Otherkin. A big hit last year. More on that later. Until then, listen to them, Children of the Night...

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