Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vote for Dez in the Character Battle Quarter Finals!

Thanks to you guys, Dez made it to the quarter-finals of the epic Character Battle going on over at the Paranormal Cravings blog.

She ranked 8th! So now the top 16 are battling it out. She's up against some very popular, very tough characters, so I need your help to get her into the Semi-Finals, where the top 8 of the Quarter battle will fight each other.

So, between now and July 16, go here and click "Go to the Quarter Finals," find Desdemona Grey and VOTE. (For her, naturally. And for any other characters you love.) Large tiger hugs and smooches shall be yours!

Only one vote per IP address allowed.

Only July 17, the Semi-Finals begin. If she makes it that far (fingers crossed) I may need to call upon you again, my friends.

Till then - stay stealthy and stripey!


Gold For Runescape said...
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Cassandra Loskot said...

Your site is awesome :) And of course now I'm going to have to get your books and read them too :) I voted for you but it says you have 22% of the votes for that battle :( But I did my part :)

Thank you for sharing :)

Nina Berry said...

Thanks for voting, Cassandra (and everyone else who did)! I think by the time you voted, Dez was in the semi-finals, and up against Gin Blanco, from Jennifer Estep's very popular Elemental Assassin series. So I'm afraid Dez didn't stand a chance against Gin! BUT - thanks to folks like you she gave Gin a good fight. I was thrilled to make it as far as I did!

Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words!

LAWonder said...

What neat pics and this sounds so fun.