Friday, July 13, 2012

Watershed Moment: Seeing My Book in a Bookstore

It happened today. I still can't quite believe it. I took my lunch hour to go to Pasadena and check out Vroman's Bookstore, where I'll be doing my book launch and signing with fabulous authors Brigid Kemmerer and Marni Bates.

It's really a gorgeous bookstore. Here's the area where we'll be doing our talking and book signing. You should come - there will be cupcakes!

I wandered into the children's section because that's always my favorite part of the store, turned down one aisle, up another, admiring everything then -- pow!

There's my book. IN A BOOKSTORE.

I mean, I know that's where books go, usually. But this is different. This is my book.

This is freaky!

I tweeted and texted, stared, managed to be coherent when talking to the very nice staff there, then drove back to work in a daze.

I'm still kind of dazey.

So if you really really need a copy of my book before it comes out officially on July 31, just head on over to Vroman's in Pasadena! Hee hee!


Kate said...

Looks amazing!!! Congratulations!!! Best of luck with the launch :)

Nina Berry said...

Thanks, Kate! Woo hoo!

Kate said...

It's not out until Sept in the UK, booo! But I'm coming to the US before then, yaaayy! Sooo can't wait to read!

Nina Berry said...

September!! Sheesh. Wish I understood why things are they way they are, but am so glad you'll get it early. Thanks so much, Kate!