Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Kirkus Review of Otherkin!

Kirkus Reviews is a notoriously tough reviewer, and I just got their full review of Otherkin and...

It's awesome!

I can't post the full review yet. Kirkus does that first, later in the month, then I can link to it.  But I can post the "pull quote," which shows you that not only did they like the book, they really "got" it.

“Berry’s debut offers just the right combination of  high-stakes exploits and steamy love scenes to keep readers up until the wee hours…ripe with issues that will resonate with readers. From body image to friendship, first love and betrayal, the novel explores the truth that no matter who or what you are, there’s no escaping the politics of high school.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS

 Woo hoo!!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I'm celebrating independence and a great review!

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