Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winners of the ARC Giveaway!

*Drum Roll*

To hell with waiting any longer! Without further ado, the winners of the two advance reader copies of Otherkin are:

Leo Bullock

Karen (Commenter #15, your favorite animal was a turtle. I love turtles too!)

Congratulations to Leo and Karen!

Both of you, please send me your mailing addresses at ninaberrybooks [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll send them to you right away. (My email addresses is printed that way to avoid spam. It works!)

So sorry to all those who didn't get a copy. It was hard for me to type the names of the winners because I knew that meant excluding most of you! The winners were chosen by a random number generator using the order in which you commented to establish your number. If a person left more than one comment, I used only their first comment as their number.

I will be doing another giveaway in about a week. If you want to enter again, follow me on Twitter, "like" me on Facebook (see the right hand side of my blog to do that), or check back here in a week or so to enter.

That giveaway will feature another question in the party game, but first l have to tell you that the words you used to describe your favorite animal actually describe...

...your ideal life partner.

No really! Well, okay. It's just a party game, but still!

I love the variety of the words chosen. I totally get how those words could apply to a very cool life partner.

My own three words were: cuddly, playful, and sleek. Used to describe a cat. I can still remember how I felt when someone at the party revealed what those words indicated. It took me aback, but when I thought about it - yeah. A partner with those qualities would be pretty great! I can think of a couple of guys I dated who qualified. Ahem!

And I'm not the only one who chose the word "sleek!" We should start a "Sleek Appreciation Club."

It's amazing what a variety of animals this small sample of people chose: unicorns, dragons, ducks, cats, dogs, pandas, crows, lions, tigers (yay!), ravens, elephants, panthers. I'm a huge lover of all animals (well, except maybe ticks and fleas) so it was a ton of fun to see how YOU saw these animals.

If you've already found your significant other for life, I can't help wondering if the words you chose seem like an accurate description of that person to you. If you feel like letting me know, please do in the comments! And of course, it's just a party game, so you should take it with a wee grain of salt.

Thanks for coming by and taking the time to enter this contest. You guys rock!


Kate said...

Hey Nina, I entered but didn't win -- mine was dog and unicorn! I couldnt wait to see what the party game was! It's so funny, although I wouldn't describe my partner as 'fluffy' haha!!
Thanks, it was lots of fun! Will cont. to follow the blog & add on twitter too.
Best of luck with release :)

Nina Berry said...

Hi Kate! So sorry you didn't win. Blerg. I was surprised at how hard I found it to pick the winners. I'm not a competitive type in that way. I want everyone to win.

BUT you should know that you're not alone in choosing the word "fluffy" to describe your partner! At the party where I first played this game, a good friend of mine chose that word too, also in relation to dogs, and we puzzled over it. I think we decided it sort of meant the same thing as "cuddly" or maybe that the person had a nice head of hair... Hmmm. You get to chose what it means! Or just to laugh it off.

Thanks for the follow! I'll be doing another giveaway, so you never know...

Kate said...

Ohh, that's okay! I'd be exactly the same. But just think of the two people you made so happy instead of focusing too much on the neg side of choosing!
Haha, I'll mention it to him and see what he makes of it! All good fun though!
No problem, & will keep an eye out! :)

Leo Bullock said...

:O *squeek*

Typing the email with shaky fingers right now :) x

Ellen Faith said...

Damn. Totally sucks that I didn't win! :( Oh, well. Another time I guess!

Kinda worried because I chose sleek, soft, and powerful to describe a Jaguar :$ haha.

Nina Berry said...

Ellen, there is NOTHING wrong one's ideal partner being sleek, soft, and powerful! I myself used the words sleek and cuddly, so not far off!

I'm snowed under with rewriting Othermoon at the moment, but plan on doing another contest next week. More chances to win!