Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Taste of the Tasty Reviews for Otherkin...

The reviews are starting to come in for my book, and so far so great! Below are links and some text of one of the reviews. Yes, I'm tooting my own horn a bit here, but hat the hell. Maybe nice words about my writing will be old hat one day, but right now they make me feel awesome.

I will throw in the caveat that I don't read reviews on Goodreads and will probably not read reviews on Amazon. Bad reviews may appear in publications or on blogs, and I will probably avoid reading them and thus not post about them here. I caught a glimpse of one negative remark about the book on Goodreads (although most comments there seem to be positive so far...) and it really played with my head for awhile. As a writer I need to protect my writing head space. More on that in another post. But for now, onto the good stuff!

First up, OTHERKIN got a four out of four star reviews at RT Book Reviews! This is a paid subscription site, so I can't link you directly to the review.  I'll just quote a couple of salient paragraphs here:

This new series is sure to be a hit! Filled with action, love and twists and turns, readers will be hooked.... Definitely one of this reader’s top 10!
Woo hoo!

Next, an equally fabulous review from I love how she really "gets" my characters and world building.

A sample quote:

Prepare for a wild ride as Nina Berry unleashes the beauty of shifting and self-image in the first book of her debut series, Otherkin. The world Berry creates in Otherkin is unlike any other in the YA paranormal genre, but readers will quickly become immersed and addicted to its dark secrets and lurking power.

Is it weird that I love being referred to as "Berry"? It feels so official!

A cool blog called My Life is a Notebook liked OTHERKIN way more than she thought she would.

...this book turned into a favorite for me. I loved the descriptions, the history, and the pacing. The action was fantastic, and I was ridiculously impressed at how Berry wrote in a school setting that I didn’t hate the guts of and in fact really enjoyed. 

 It's fun upending people's expectations.

Then, last but certainly not least, The Fable Faerie weighed in here.

Definitely check out this book, I strongly recommend it to anyone of any gender, there's something for everyone.


I'm sure I'm missing reviews, so if I missed yours, please don't take it personally! I do a search every now and then, to see what's going on, but Google alerts is proving less than thorough in sending me all the happenings.

Feeling very lucky today. but enough ego-boosting crap from me! Off to to the actual hard work of writing. Hope you all had as wonderful a morning as I did!

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