Thursday, March 01, 2012

Kindle Edition of Otherkin now available!

It's still not really real to me, but the evidence continues to pile up that my book is really coming out.

The latest such evidence is that the Kindle edition is now available for pre order.


I'll share reflections on yesterday's YALitChat soon. Mostly it was nutty and fabulous!


Leo said...

Wooo I am the first to leave a comment!

Congratulations Nina!! Glad to see you have done well for yourself :)

Best wishes,

Hat-Cheap-Suit (Christmas '03 ;) )

Nina Berry said...


How awesome to "see" you here! Thanks for checking out the blog and the good wishes.

I often think back to our times in Egypt with a big smile.

Hope you and your family are flourishing!


Leo said...

NINA!! ;)

Your are most welcome of course!

I too think back to Egypt with a huge smile when I browse the holiday pics (I think I still have a wonderful picture of you in Egyptian attire)....Amazing how fast time flies.

As for my family they are doing well my mother is now a bit nearer to you than I am haha...She moved to Canada a few years ago and has made a new life for herself out there, but I am still in rainy England dreaming of the lazy (slightly chilly) nights floating down the Nile and that crazy head chef with his dancing!!

So you have a book coming out? How wonderful is that?! Otherkin....sounds very mysterious but just 'up my street' as they say. I shall have to make sure I snag a copy in 140 days time :D

Well I am going to scoot off to the land of nod now but before I go I wish you all the success with your book....I shall share the link amazon link to your book on social media sites now and again if that is ok with you as I really am pleased for you :)

Don't be a stranger!

Leo x

Nina Berry said...

Glad to hear your Mom is well in Canada, and that the English wetness hasn't dampened your spirits.

I, too, dream of days spent on the top deck of our boat on the Nile, watching birds fly over the fields and men in tiny fishing boats throwing out their nets with the red cliffs looming beyond. I do want to go back some day.

If you like fantasy, you might like Otherkin. It's got a bit of romance in it, but it also has lots of action and what I hope is a cool take shapeshifters. I'm currently writing book 2, and this will probably be a three-book series, so there's even more to come!

Sleep well, and sweet dreams of sunset over the Nile!