Thursday, September 22, 2011

'Ware the Apocalypsies!

Thanks to the brilliant Gretchen McNeil (have you read her book POSSESS yet? You must!) I've just joined a group of YA authors called The Apocalypsies, all whom have debuts just before and during 2012, the year to end all years...

Yet another example of how stunningly supportive and nice the YA writing community is. Seriously, the writers I've met (and editors, and agents) have all been nothing but kind and nice and all those words that sound so boring but are actually really great.

The writers are all really funny and talented too, but you already knew that.

My info's not up on the site yet, since this JUST happened. But I'm psyched!  I'll get to meet fellow writers as well as support them.  It's not very apocalyptic, but this is how I feel right now:


Jen Klein said...

A friend of mine (and crit group partner) Nicole Maggie is in the Apocalypsies. She was JUST telling us about Gretchen's book. I think they're friends, and I believe Gretchen has a signing in a couple weeks at Diesel, right? I am actually not going to make it because of a wedding.

Anyway -- the group is heralded to be all kinds of awesome and supportive. Nice!

Nina Berry said...

Yes, Gretchen has a signing at Diesel on Oct. 9, I believe. I have a possible conflict, but am going to see what I can do about hitting both that and her signing. It'd be great to meet her in person.