Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today's happy discovery is a blog called Curious Pages, described as "recommended inappropriate books for children."

It's a complete delight, and a reminder that we can be a bit too protective of kids when it comes to their reading material.

No, I'm not in favor of siccing books filled with violence and sex on young kids. But I'm often amazed at how parents won't let their eight year old watch, say "Snow White" because it has a scary scene near the beginning. Books that mention Tommy has two dads get taken out of libraries, and YA books that feature gay characters or realistic depictions of sex, abuse, drug use, or neglect are also banned.

Yes, parents must use discretion in what they throw at their young children. But don't be scared of a depiction of loss, in say, Bambi. Stop worrying that your seven year old will be converted to Christianity if they read the wonder Chronicles of Narnia. And let your teen read what he or she wants. Once they are teenagers, kids reach for what they need to read, and they can handle just about anything.

Meanwhile, revel in "Boners" by a young Dr. Suess, or "The Dead Bird" by Margaret Wise Brown and Remy Charlip. Inappropriate? Or juuuust right?

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Frank Quick said...

Good post... I am a huge fan of parental awareness in terms of what their children are doing. I hate seeing kids out on a playground without anything resembling adult supervision. What if someone gets hurt?... And was that a rock that kid just threw at that other kid?

The same holds true with books. By all means, keep your children from reading something that is more mature or inappropriate than their age dictates is reasonable. A five year old has no business reading "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". The same goes for movies... Ratings exist for a reason people. Use them.

But, at the same time, it is imperative to allow your kids to grow up. The more you shelter them the harder they will find it to deal with and live in the real world. Encourage them, once they are 15 or 16 to go back and read Fear and Loathing. It is a cautionary tale one some levels and being aware of things like it may help keep your kid from going to prison for similar things.

Shit... Sorry about the rant... I just meant to drop by and say hello. I suppose I am a bit long winded.

Anyway... Hi! Nice to meet you and all that and I look forward to seeing you around the blog-o-sphere!