Monday, September 22, 2008

Check out the new look!

Notice anything... different around here lately?

Yeah, I've updated my photo and the look of the blog so that they tie in with my long range plans.

You see, eventually I'll be a published author with a website. At least, that's the promise I made to myself, and I'm proceeding as if my desires are actually going to happen in the real world. I guess I have a lot of faith, a lot of hubris, or both!

So the changes you see are part of those plans. Eventually the look of the blog will tie in with other elements of my plan.

Gah! Can you believe I'm getting all official and stuff? But about a year ago I made a deal with myself that I'd start acting like a professional until it became a reality. So this is one of many steps. Most of the steps involve actual writing, but you also need to market yourself, reach out to possible readers, all that good stuff.

Act like a professional and take the necessary steps toward becoming one. That's part of my current philosophy of making your dreams come true. Meanwhile, enjoy the new look. I'll keep you posted.

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