Friday, October 19, 2007

Reward for Writing

Okay, so I haven't even been there yet, and I haven't done anything much to merit a reward, but I've found a great looking Portuguese bakery here in LA called Nata's Pastries at 13317 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks (between Woodman and Coldwater Canyon).

The plan is to reward myself for writing every 10,000 words or so with some fabulous treat. Because I grew up in Hawaii, which has a decent sized Portuguese population, I have a huge fondness for certain Portuguese pastries, particularly malasadas, a simple but delicious deep fried donut rolled in sugar. A well-traveled friend of mine has recommended the "custard tartlets" for tea. I have since found out that these tarts are called natas (photo above), and are the emblematic pastry of Portugal. I heard about this place thanks to a show here on local NPR station KCRW called Good Food.

Can't believe I didn't eat any natas when I went to Portugal! (I did eat malasadas there, thanks to my intrepid travel companion, Wendy, who found some delicious samples at a small town fair we attended in the rain...) Now's my chance. Take a look at the goodies this place has... Yum-hey!

Hmm. I did write four pages of my TV spec last night. Maybe I deserve something for that...?


A said...

Natas, that's them! Warning, do NOT eat one in the store. This is because if you do, you will be compelled to buy a ton more causing a great sucking sound in your wallet and a future expanding sound around your middle. An unfortunate correlation there. Buy 2-3 (more if sharing with others) and head home. Then decide on your consumption technique - which really just means how many bites per tart. One bite is a challenge, but you get an incredibly different feeling from smashing the tart between your tongue and roof of your mouth while the flaky crust delicately touches your cheeks. It can almost be a sensual experience if things all align. On the other hand 2-3 bites makes the taste last longer and you get more taste bud to custard contact. Oh yes one other thing - try heating one in a microwave for just 2-5 seconds before eating. Not too long or the crust gets soggy, but just enough to warm the custard a little. It is more flavorful that way. I need to find a Portuguese bakery near me!

Nina Berry said...

Wow! I need to get me some now, after reading that almost pornographic description of eating them. Yes - get thee to a Portuguese bakery! Surely there must be some where you live...