Monday, October 08, 2007

Home again home again

...jiggity jig.

I'm back from my trip to England, a bit spacey from a cold and jet lag, but happy to be home after a great trip. I'll be posting photos somewhere on the web soon, once I get my shit together.

A brief precis of events: Wendy's flight cancelled, I spend a day alone in London and visit the Tate Modern. Rain. Dali and Di Chirico make me feel like I've landed on an alien planet.

Sleep in our five-star hotel and eat the free chocolates. Wendy arrives next day, I venture to British Museum and spend far too much money on a bronze Egyptian cat.

We eat well, though London is expensive and the dollar pathetically low versus, well, every currency, let alone the mighty pound. British papers trumpet that "Brit" Spears loses custory of her kids. Off to the Tower the next day for bloody tales of beheadings, the rack, garish gold plate dishes, suits of armor, pikes, swords, and the block.

Malteasers (British malted milk balls) a plenty.

The chocolate in England is just... better.

Off to York via (a very expensive) train. Rolling fields, smokestacks. Four days there to explore Roman ruins, huge cathedral (called the Minster), walk the city walls, drink lots of tea and eat scones. Sunny and "warm," around 60 F.

Scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Yum!

Back to London, where I start to catch my cold but nonetheless see two musicals with Wendy - Avenue Q and Spamalot. Peter Davison, the 6th Doctor Who, stars as King Arthur. Tons of fun!


A said...

Sounds like a great trip. Yes the dollar is getting hit terribly badly now, so travel to the UK and Europe in general is outrageously expensive.

Loved Avenue Q in London which I saw last year with their original cast. I was told that some of the script was changed to make it less "American."

Nina Berry said...

Interesting that they changed the script. They did slam Bush, at least. But they also called intermission the "interval."

A said...

Hey I forgot to ask. Did you see the new "floor crack" exhibit at the Tate? If so how was that? I've read a lot about it and really would like to see it before they fill it in.

Nina Berry said...

I don't remember seeing a floor crack exhibit. But I didn't go through the whole museum. Did they crack one of their floors? Very cool.

They did have this giant seige-engine sort of sculpture that took up a whole room and was partially embedded in the walls of the room that I really liked.