Friday, May 12, 2006

Tag, I'm It!

My friend Wendee tagged me (check out her cool blog at in this thing going around amongst bloggers. I'm supposed to list five things in my fridge, purse, nightstand, wallet, closet, and car.

Normally, I'm not keen on "chain" stuff, but this one holds no dire warnings if you don't participate and promises nothing if you do. And it's all about ME. What could be more fun?

Fridge (covered with postcards from foreign lands and photos of my friends and their children, by the way): Britta water filter, Diet Coke, cat food can with one of those rubber cover thingies on it to keep it fresh, veggies, grated Parmesan/Romano cheese mix from Trader Joes, Ginger Ale, beer, wine, leftover veggie pasta, leftover refried beans, tortillas... Okay that's way more than five, but my fridge is always packed with food. I like knowing that I can open it and find something to eat.

Purse: Notebook and pen, sunglasses, checkbook, mini-purse with lipstick, phone.

Nightstand: Moved a few things out of this recently because my Mom is coming to visit and if she snoops I don't want her to find anything. So it's rated PG for now! Four books (Great Expectations [finished reading, haven't put it away], Capote [the biography] The Story of the Amulet [classic victorian children's book] and one of the Calvin & Hobbes collection I inherited from my friend Brian), a glass of water, my glasses, linen spray in supposedly soothing tones of lavendar and something else, which I haven't used in ages.

Wallet: Cash, a couple of credit cards, license, insurance cards, stamps.

Closet: Usually there's a cat in there somewhere. Luggage waiting to be used for a trip, scarves I never wear, clothes I do wear.

Car: Relatively clean! Leather interior that kinda smells like french fries. A paper bag full of tennis balls, two tennis racquets, container 'o kitty litter, notebook.

Gonna tag my friend Valerie and her cool blog Artifical Sweetener ( to see what she's hiding...

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Valerie said...

You keep a container of kitty litter in your car? I'm trying to imagine the scenario where that would be necessary... Well, having been tagged, I must get to work on my next blog entry-- thanks for giving me something other than American Idol to write about!