Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Friends = Rock Stars??

After Brian regaled us with a LIVE version of the Pope's Pics last Saturday, we stayed on to "entertain" the other denizens of Broadway 11 with our song styles.

That's Kurt at the mic, doing a delightfully robotic "Jesse's Girl."

John Mark didn't get up, even though he probably has the best voice of all of us. He's the one with the Gene Simmons tongue, as if you didn't know.

Rachel and Valerie also neglected to get up. I can't blame them. After seeing how some of the other patrons embarrassed themselves (a very loud, off key version of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" especially comes to mind) it'd be only natural to want to avoid making a similar spectacle of oneself.

I've never done karaoke before, so I elected to back Cheri up (She's got the microphone; that's me on the right, next to Naomi. Alas, you can't see nearly enough of Cathleen in this photo) on a rousing version of "Proud Mary." Cheri rocked the house. As for me, apparently there's nothing like karaoke to show you how little you know about a song, even one so famous as this. Good thing I didn't have a microphone.

One highlight (or was it a low point?) of the evening for me was when a guy we referred to as "That Shuffle Dancer Dude" gave me what amounted to a lap dance while onstage a man named Kelly warbled his fifth disco tune of the evening. Wish I could remember what the song was, but the experience has given me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and perhaps the inevitable flashbacks will remind me of it later.


Valerie said...

Nina, your blog itself is rocking rather hard these days! I'm so impressed with the array of topics here, but even more so by how frequently you're posting. You put half-assed bloggers like myself to shame.

And I have to agree about the karaoke-- there were some very entertaining performers, not the least of which was Kelly the disco singer, with his magical pre-song mouth spray, and Mike, defying his own whiteness with a badass Prince tribute. And the shuffler-cum-lap dancer was also a highlight... You know you're doing well on stage when the drunk shuffler comes to dance.

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Wendee said...

Look at Nina! Doesn't she look so happy? What a hottie, aye?