Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lions and Tigers and...

I couldn't resist one more image from the cave in Chauvet, France. Spectacular, isn't it? As you may recall from previous my ramblings, this image was drawn on a cave wall using red ochre about 32,000 years ago. That subtle shading at the neck, snout, and forehead -- it's all deliberately done, folks.
Da Vinci would have been proud to have produced such a drawing. The cave itself was occupied by many generations of cave bears -- creatures much larger than the grizzlies of today. The floor of the cave is littered with their bones, and the cave explorers found one bear skull placed on top of a rock. Nobody knows why.

I'm also using this post to announce that I'm going to try to use a LARGER font from now on for this blog, due to special request from a devoted reader. I love Blogger, the free service which allows for this blog, but I can't figure out how to get the font to default to a larger typeface, so I'm going to have to manually do it for each post. Feel free to remind me if I forget!

I also have yet to figure out how to get photos to post in the middle of a posting. That's why the photos are all at the beginning of each post. One day I'll master this thingummy -- and then I shall rule the world!

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