Monday, January 13, 2014

I Can't Stop Giving Books Away!

Things are BUSY. And yay for that!

On top of rewriting the first PAGAN JONES book while outlining the second, on top of my day job and getting feral kittens neutered, on top of my current blog tour, I'm giving away five signed copies of OTHERSPHERE on Goodreads. It starts today and goes for two weeks.

If you're on Goodreads, get thee hence!


    Goodreads Book Giveaway


        Othersphere by Nina Berry





          by Nina Berry


            Giveaway ends January 28, 2014.

            See the giveaway details
            at Goodreads.




      Enter to win

Meanwhile, you can read Cici Theories flattering review of the entire OTHERKIN series here.

And you can read my Top Ten Places in the World on The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club here.

Both have links to my big, fat, fabulous giveaway, in which you can win books and this pretty, fierce tiger necklace:

And earrings and bookmarks.

Tiger books and jewelry for all! I wish.

Oh, and this Sunday I'm doing the first Movie Tweet-Along for YA Series Insiders. We'll be watching The Mortal Instruments! I haven't seen it yet, love the books, and can't wait to watch.

Join me for appreciation and snark!

Until then, I'll be over here...

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