Wednesday, April 03, 2013

All Hail the Queen! And Other Things.

My favorite horse in the world, Zenyatta, queen of racing before she retired in 2010, just had her second foal, an adorable 145-lb (!) chestnut colt called Z13 for now until he gets his name at age 2.

Check out badass Mom and baby:

They have the same ears in the same position!

The Sire, Tapit, is a gray, and some have speculated that Z13 will turn gray because his cute little nose is kind of white. Gray horses often start out dark or some other color and get grayer as  they get older. So it'll be fun to see what happens.

I've blogged before about Zenyatta. Here's my post about saying farewell to her at Hollywood Park. All of those photos are mine. (The one above is by Kyle Acebo.)

Been following the prep races before the Kentucky Derby, and was wowed by Animal Kingdom's win at the Dubai World Cup this past Saturday.  Can't quite believe I saw him race at the Breeder's Cup last November, where he lost to the amazing Wise Dan in the Mile.  Here's the Dubai World Cup, in which he is much the best.

In non-horsey news, I'm writing like a maniac to finish up book 3 in the Otherkin series.

I'm in the trench with blasters firing at me, too fast to follow. I'm aiming for the target... Almost there...

 My social life is suffering a bit because when I come home from the day job it's just - write, eat, shower, write, sleep.  Or every other day I throw in a work out + hair-washing shower + blow dry hair, all of which takes longer than you think, because I have more hair than God.

But I did have a lovely Easter dinner with friends last weekend. There was this broccoli casserole with crisp crumby things on top that I couldn't stop eating. For some it's peeps at Easter. For me it's... broccoli?

Yes, I'm a weirdo.

Oh, and I did my taxes. *SHUDDER*

My camera broke while I was in Thailand (Dang! I need to do a real post about that trip. Soon!) so no new fabulous photos of my darling kitten Marlowe, who is practically all grown up. He's not nearly as nutty and energetic as he was before, but he still purrs the second I pick him up. And he walks right up to my cranky cat Lucy and licks her head. Such a sweetie! He did get neutered back in November, and afterwards he lazed in the sun, most becomingly. Here's the yawn to end all yawns.

Once I save up for a new camera, there will be more shots - of him and other things!

Back to writing! Hope you all had great Passovers or Easters or even just a great weekend!

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MåїÐ»-(¯`v´¯)-» said...

That foal is gorgeous! I love horses. They are such sleek and powerful animals. :D