Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Booktacular!

I've been so busy proofing pages of Othermoon, writing guest blog posts, and, well, working for a living, that I haven't blogged much lately.  But you should know one of the things I did was write up a scene using characters from my books for Halloween!

Yes, the otherkin go trick or treating.

This is all thanks to the Halloween Character Booktacular, created by A Book Lovers Review and Good Choice Reading, with featured blogs:  Books With Bite, The Book Reaper, and Once Upon a Twilight.

You can win any number of fabulous books in the giveaways, or even a Kindle and a $25 gift card! Swag-a-riffic!

Today, for example, writer Cylin Bus has a scene up involving her characters in a Halloween setting on The Book Reaper here. Every day a cool spooky scene shows up on one of these blogs, featuring your favorite paranormal book characters doing something Halloweeny. Tomorrow,  my fellow Apocalypsie, Gretchen McNeil has a cool scene going up on Books With Bite.

My own post will go up Oct. 23 on A Book Lover's Review. I'll alert you again on that day. Until then, enjoy all the other fabulous Halloween fun.

Also, don't forget that October is the month of All Hallow's Read, a movement started by Neil Gaiman in which you give a friend (or a stranger) a scary book to read for Halloween. Neil explains it all, below:

I'll be giving a recommendation for a book to give for All Hallows Read when it comes out officially - next Tuesday!

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