Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Giveaway on Facebook and Twitter!

It's past time I did a quick giveaway, and a recent influx of followers on Twitter and "likes" on my Facebook page is a great excuse! It's my way of saying thanks!

This is an international contest. If the US Mail can reach you, you can enter.

What will you win?

1 personally autographed copy of my book, Otherkin (if you already have it - good for you and thanks! If you win it in this contest, you can give it to a friend or to a library, plus this one will be signed personally to you or whatever name you tell me to put in it.)

Five Otherkin bookmarks

One cover proof of the Otherkin cover. Something usually only publishing insiders get! (No, it's not very useful, but I have, like, dozens of them and now so should you!)

One set of tiger ears. (Not actual ears of course. Fun ears. Wear them at Halloween or give to your favorite child.)

Three temporary tiger tattoos. (More fun. Put them on with water, they last for days, or just remove them with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Hand out a couple to your fellow tigers.)

 (Yes, that's my green couch.)

Here's the deal

To enter the Facebook contest:

1. "Like" my page on Facebook (if you haven't already) and comment on the giveaway post there, telling me what kind of shifter you'd be if you could, and why.

So write along the lines of "If I could shift into any animal, I'd be a tiger because they fear nothing and no one."

The contest starts August 28 at 11am PST and ends in two days, August 30 at 11am PST.

2. The winner will be chosen randomly from among everyone who made a comment during that time using a random number generator.

3. I'll message the winner, get your info, and send you the goodies.

To enter the Twitter contest:

1. Tweet  something like: "In @Ninaberry's Otherkin, I'd shift into a (some kind of animal) because..."  Include the hastag #otherkinbook.

So if I entered, I'd tweet: "In @Ninaberry's Otherkin I'd shift into a tiger because they fear nothing and no one. #otherkinbook" That's way less than 140 characters so hopefully no one will have a problem.

2. You've got between the hours of 11am Pacific time August 28 and 11am Pacific time August 30. So just two days.

You don't need to do it more than once, and doing it more won't increase your chances to win.  You don't have to follow me on Twitter to win. You just have to tweet something like what you see in #1, above.

3. After 11am on August 30, I'll go through the list of the Twitter handles of all those who tweeted something along those lines and use a random number generator to pick one, you guessed it, randomly. I'll tweet and DM the winner and get your info so I can mail you the swag.

4. Be sure your tweet has my twitter handle @Ninaberry in it and/or the hashtag #otherkinbook, or I won't be able to find your tweet and enter you in the giveaway!

Yes, you can enter both contests to double your chances. But you can't win both. I'll pick the Facebook winner first, and if that's you, I'll disqualify you from the Twitter contest so that I can spread the swag as far and wide as possible.

Yay for swag!

Good luck!

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