Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The ARCs of Otherkin are Here!

I got a box of advance reader copies (ARCs) of my book today!  I picked them up at FedEx and opened the box right in my car using a key because I just. couldn't. wait. And - behold! The most beautiful sight I've ever seen! (You can tell I took this photo in my car. That's the inside of the passenger door of my beloved Accord.)

Advance reader copies are used for promotion before a book comes out. So despite my zombie-like urge to wander the streets blindly handing these out to everyone I meet, I have to use them for giveaways and reviews to supplement the publicity my publisher does.

They are uncorrected, unofficial, without the texture or cover copy of the final book - and they are  GORGEOUS.

I may take one to bed with me. Like a teddy bear. I can still give that one away right?

Keep an eye on this space for giveaways and contests!  Huzzah!


Angelica R. Jackson said...

So pretty! And I'll definitely be back for giveaways--I haven't gotten as many donations for my Pens for Paws auction as I wanted, so I'm trolling the web for books I can win and then put in the auction.

Nina Berry said...

Thanks, Angelica! Hopefully we can get you an ARC for what sounds like a very worthy cause! Leter I'll also be doing giveaways of the final book too, and I'll have more of them to give to folks like you!