Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Me. With all my original teeth.

And now, a brief pause to reflect on the inexorable passage of time... Dad just sent this to me today, via family friend Tommy Davis. I think I'm about seven here, at my friend Beth Davis's birthday. I'd like to say this was when we went to Istanbul to stay with the Davis family, but I can't be sure that's true.

I don't think I've worn yellow since then. It's really not half bad.


briank said...

You must have endured a ton of Peppermint Patty remarks.

Baley Petersen said...

Look at all those freckles! Adorable! I wanted freckles and braces when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I had great skin and perfectly straight teeth.

Thanks for sharing the cutie-patootie picture!

Nina Berry said...

Ha, Brian! No, I don't remember those, but since my last name is Berry I got a lot of "strawberry" remarks.

I still have some freckles, but thanks to spf, not quite that many!