Friday, July 03, 2009

Kaimana Beach

Went to Kaimana Beach today to get my body into the ocean. Kaimana's the beach at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki where the locals hang out, at the foot of the New Otani hotel. Thanks to my Dad's membership in the local chapter of the Elks, I can park his car in the Elks Lodge parking lot just half a block away, buy a bottle of water at the store in the New Otani, and hit the sand. The place is also sometimes known as Sans Souci, right next to the Natatorium, a now defunct salt water swimming pool and WW II memorial, complete with cannon.

Thanks to the holiday weekend, the place was packed. Southern swells lifted the hordes of keikis (that's children in Hawaiian) off their feet as they splashed the warm green water. In the winter, it's clear and cool. In the summer, now, the ocean here is a cloudy grassy green, warm as a puppy.

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