Monday, July 07, 2008

Why Desks Are Important

Have you ever tried writing for hours using your laptop while holding it on your lap in 90 degree weather?

Today's tip for writers is for laptop users: on hot days, write at your desk and point a fan at your laptop's undercarriage. And at your own undercarriage while you're at it.

While writing this weekend with my MacBook on my lap, I got a condition known as "hot lap" where the heat of the laptop transfers itself to your thighs. But you get so involved in your writing, you don't really notice it until suddenly it feels as if your legs are being barbecued. The removal of the laptop at this point doesn't really help. Cold compresses and colder drinks become necessary.

So on hot days, use that desk you spent money on and write there. Or stock up on ice. Or both!

On the plus side, the first draft of my novel is almost done. Ack! Then, the rewriting will begin with a vengeance.

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