Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gah! Falling behind...

So I haven't been particularly good about writing these past few days. Last night I had a meeting with my critique group (great feedback, guys!), got home, gabbed on the phone for an hour, and then collapsed into bed. Work is surprisingly busy. Surprising because you'd think with the writer's strike there'd be tumbleweeds blowing through here.

Well, that's my excuse, anyway!

And now I really want to rewrite the first couple of scenes rather than forge ahead with new scenes! Ack! What to do!?


A said...

Wasn't the idea to write like crazy and worry about the editing later? I'd say move forward and rewrite after the end of the month....Remember those food rewards too - total word count is the measure, so no food for rewrites. :-)

Nina Berry said...

Too late! I did some rewriting. Problem is - you get these flashes of changes you should make, and if you don't implement them fast, you might lose them.

But no. No food for rewriting, dammit! I did celebrate 10k words by ordering bitter chocolate mouse cake at this Italian restaurant on Saturday. Gooooollly, it was good!