Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I can get pretty curmudgeonly about Valentine's Day. It's the commercialization of romantic love which obligates those with a sweetie to spend money and those without one to feel inadequate, blah blah blah. I'm all for romance, but to have it dictated to me by Hallmark and See's Candies riles my rhubarb.

Then my boss gave me orange roses. And then another co-worker brought in heart-shaped brownies, and yet another offered up frosted pink cookies. Now this is aV-Day I can get behind -- one full of love and goodies for everyone, not just for romantic partners.

Tonight my friends are throwing a Young, Single, and Angry Party. Although most of us are no longer that young, fewer and fewer are single, and, for me at least, the anger is flagging, it's good to keep the Anti-Valentine's furor going in protest. Apparently, we YSAs are not alone, because Yahoo News featured an article describing a bit of Valentine's backlash, where consumers are demanding more ironic and sarcastic V-Day cards and gifts. It's good to know that for once I am in sync with the zeitgeist.

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Wendee said...

Neen -

I heard on the radio that something like half of the people between 40 and 69 (or something) are single or divorced (there's that legal difference). So I'm not entirely convinced that there are fewer and fewer single people in this age group. Maybe ... they're just all looking for .. younger people (LOL), dammit!

I'm not joining the anti-Valentine's protest band-wagon, though*. Hope springs eternal.
xox, -W

*except for the card that says "Get Well Soon! What? Surely your hands must both be broken and your jaw wired shut. Because that'd be the only reason why you haven't frickin' been in touch ..." Hah! >:)